The Story – Creation, the beginning of life as we know it

Wow! We’ve started…and I’m going to love it! Hope you do too….I’m talking about “The Story” we started together as God’s family this past sunday morning.

We’ll be in a 31 week study through God’s word from now through the beginning of next year…and it’s going to be great.

This past week we talked about God’s Creation and how everything was good – Then man sinned and everything started falling apart – But, God promises a remedy and redemption from the very beginning so that we may know the hope that comes to us in Jesus Christ.

In many ways …Chapter 3 of Genesis is the most important piece of info ever given to all of mankind…we miss that and everything else won’t make a lot of since to us.

Listed below is the video i told you about Sunday that most of you didn’t get a chance to watch.please take a moment to watch it again to grasp not only the reality of sin, but the enormous need we have for a savior!

That’s the “Good News” No matter where we’ve been or who we are through a personal relationship with the God of creation we may be saved. That’s a story i want to be a part of – don’t you? See you next week.  God Bless! 


Looking forward to Sunday – “Rise”

FROM: Don Fankhauser

Dear Capital City Family:

The most important event in spring is Easter and the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. I’m looking forward to Sunday and wanted to remind you about this great day!

I’m inviting everyone connected with Capital City to:
1. Bring someone to church with you this Sunday.
2. Share in the passion of what it means to have a personal relationship with the risen Savior as we worship.
3. Participate in our “special” Easter offering where we give above and beyond our regular giving–to do something bold that will be an investment for outreach here so that more will come to know Christ Jesus as well.

• There will be a Sunrise Service at 6:15 on the north steps of the Capitol.
• There will be an Easter continental breakfast at 7:30 at Capital City.
• There are three different worship services: 8:30, 9:45, and 11. We’re asking as many of our regular attenders as possible to try and be a part of the 8:30 or 9:45 services so that we can fill up the 11:00 service with newcomers.
• Special Easter offering envelopes will be available Sunday morning for your convenience, or you can simply designate these gifts.
Easter is the best Sunday of the year for followers of Jesus to bring others to follow Jesus–to make a difference in a huge way. Thank you for your commitment.

I’ll see you Sunday.

Together, in His Service,
Don Fankhauser

p.s. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 432-889-6255.

Dear Capital City Family:

 Easter is just a few short weeks away, which means that everyone is busy.  The rest of the staff is knee-deep in preparation for the spring and summer activities, not to mention gearing up for one of the most “attended” worship services of the year, Easter Sunday, April 20.

 Everyone is focused on making sure things are prepped and communicated well, especially as we look forward to this opportune time to celebrate the hope and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  With that focus intact, let me take an opportunity to talk about a special challenge on Easter Sunday.

 Each year at Easter we collect a “special” offering as part of our celebration.  The challenge is to give above and beyond regular tithes and offerings as a sacrificial gift for Christ and His Kingdom work.  These special gifts most often are intended to extend our outreach.  This year our special Easter offering will be designated to meet some much-needed renovations in our kitchen.  Our church’s Family Life Center was built in 1982 with only a few additions and improvements made along the way since then.  This entire area is used daily and weekly for outreach, child care, and numerous church activities that draw people together for Christian growth.

 Every time I think about what is possible in ministry when we together give sacrificially— my heart is full!  Thank you for not only responding to this challenge and need but for your example of genuine love for our Savior and His Kingdom work.

 Thank you for your participation in the special Easter offering.


 Together, In His Service,


It’s BIG – So go ahead and ask

Who will be here @ Capital City this weekend – because you asked?

Think about it . . . Sunday is BIG!  Now I realize in our present popular culture Easter is dwarfed in many ways by “the other” BIG holiday – Christmas.  As far as I know:

  • Most families don’t hang up Easter lights, decorate an Easter tree, or even exchange resurrection gifts.
  • We don’t listen to “Easter Jingles” on the radio station for two months before it is here.
  • The local department stores sales don’t hold a candle to what is sold at Christmas.

But – the truth is Easter really should be all that BIG!  What’s cool about the Easter story is – We already know the ending.  May not be as exciting for some to know . . . but it sure is for me!  Jesus is alive!  And that means I have hope, that means I will live with Him.

I’ve seen some results from survey’s lately that say that many of our unchurched friends, who need to hear the Easter story, would join us if they got an invite.  Some even say – most would come if they were asked (over 82%).  They just never have been.

Then I started to wonder – why would they need an invitation?  They know we’re here and they should already know that you & I come here.

Why would a person need an invitation?

They might not know they are welcome . . . most likely because we’ve not told them.  So, who will be here Sunday because you asked?  Which one of God’s prodigal sons or daughters will be coming because we got a little out of our comfort zones & made them feel welcome?

Rom. 10:14 says, “But how can people call on him if they have not believed in him?  How can they believe in him if they have not heard his message?  How can they hear if no one tells?”

Sundays sermon is geared for everyone.  those who don’t understand – and those who do understand the good news of Great Joy that will be “Unwrapped” from God’s word.

God is the gracious Father who invited us all to come. . .

It’s gonna be BIG!

Together, in His service!

Don Fank

Someone passed this letter to me I thought I’d pass on to you from an unchurched person to a churched person:

“Hi friend,

I know you go to church,  Sometimes, I hear you talking about church around the office.  Most of the time I don’t seem interested because I don’t know what to say.  At times you seem interested in involving me in that part of your life, but you hold back.  I just want you to know with Easter Sunday coming up that if you invited me to come to church with you on Easter, I would probably say, “yes.” I would probably say, “yes,” because we live in America, and going to church on Easter in America is widely accepted as normal.  I would probably say, “yes,” because asking me to go to church on Easter isn’t the same as asking me to become a member, or to commit to going every week.  It isn’t intimidating or scary, it’s nice.  I would probably say, “yes,” because I like you and I would enjoy doing something with you. I would probably say, “yes,” because I feel like going to church on Easter is something that I should do, but never do, because I don’t have a church to go to.  So, if you were thinking about inviting me to go to your church with you on Easter, do it.  Do it knowing that I would probably say, “yes.”  Do it because Easter is important to you.  And do it hoping that it will change my life.


Your Friend”

Pour It Out

I love to be around people who “Pour It Out”.  When I think of that statement I also think about the sermon series we’re in @Capital City. “A City on Our Knees”.  It is challenging to me to think about what drew Jesus to His knees.  – What He did to bend down in order to reveal the clear nature of His Father.

Then too, I’m impressed to see in God’s word the kinds of things people do in Christ’s presence.

Like in Mathew 26:12-13

“When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial.  I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”

Don’t you love being around people like that, that give it all up & pour it all out for Jesus?

You know who I mean . . . the guy that mows the grass, locks the doors, serves the windows.  The gal that teaches the class, serves the kitchen, bakes the treats, welcomes & groats.  The ones who mop the floors, run the lights, serve the snacks . . . and I could go on & on.  For all these years and seasons to come . . . people who pour out for Jesus.  

I’ve always thought that when I look back on my life I can say that I poured it all out.  

The cool thing for me is that my joy is already being made full in serving with you in this city set on a hill.

God bless,

Together in His Service