Pour It Out

I love to be around people who “Pour It Out”.  When I think of that statement I also think about the sermon series we’re in @Capital City. “A City on Our Knees”.  It is challenging to me to think about what drew Jesus to His knees.  – What He did to bend down in order to reveal the clear nature of His Father.

Then too, I’m impressed to see in God’s word the kinds of things people do in Christ’s presence.

Like in Mathew 26:12-13

“When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial.  I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”

Don’t you love being around people like that, that give it all up & pour it all out for Jesus?

You know who I mean . . . the guy that mows the grass, locks the doors, serves the windows.  The gal that teaches the class, serves the kitchen, bakes the treats, welcomes & groats.  The ones who mop the floors, run the lights, serve the snacks . . . and I could go on & on.  For all these years and seasons to come . . . people who pour out for Jesus.  

I’ve always thought that when I look back on my life I can say that I poured it all out.  

The cool thing for me is that my joy is already being made full in serving with you in this city set on a hill.

God bless,

Together in His Service 


One comment on “Pour It Out

  1. Amy Totta says:

    Our family really enjoyed the message today. Jesus was the ultimate servant. At Legacy we called this donkey servanthood. The donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem lifted Him high. No one really noticed the donkey because the Lord was the one being lifted high in the air for all to see and praise. Donkey servants do it to lift the name of Jesus and praise Him with all He has given to them to use. They do not do it for attention, praise or thank yous. Often they are uncomfortable with being noticed. Watching you wash Craig’s feet, hearing the soap over your microphone was powerful. Thank you for the visual. Thank you also to Craig who could have easily found it uncomfortable having a brother let alone his pastor serve him in such an intimate way. May we all react to Jesus’ teachings! I know I am looking for ways to do so this week.

    Have a safe trip!

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