Dear Capital City Family:

 Easter is just a few short weeks away, which means that everyone is busy.  The rest of the staff is knee-deep in preparation for the spring and summer activities, not to mention gearing up for one of the most “attended” worship services of the year, Easter Sunday, April 20.

 Everyone is focused on making sure things are prepped and communicated well, especially as we look forward to this opportune time to celebrate the hope and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  With that focus intact, let me take an opportunity to talk about a special challenge on Easter Sunday.

 Each year at Easter we collect a “special” offering as part of our celebration.  The challenge is to give above and beyond regular tithes and offerings as a sacrificial gift for Christ and His Kingdom work.  These special gifts most often are intended to extend our outreach.  This year our special Easter offering will be designated to meet some much-needed renovations in our kitchen.  Our church’s Family Life Center was built in 1982 with only a few additions and improvements made along the way since then.  This entire area is used daily and weekly for outreach, child care, and numerous church activities that draw people together for Christian growth.

 Every time I think about what is possible in ministry when we together give sacrificially— my heart is full!  Thank you for not only responding to this challenge and need but for your example of genuine love for our Savior and His Kingdom work.

 Thank you for your participation in the special Easter offering.


 Together, In His Service,



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