The Story – Creation, the beginning of life as we know it

Wow! We’ve started…and I’m going to love it! Hope you do too….I’m talking about “The Story” we started together as God’s family this past sunday morning.

We’ll be in a 31 week study through God’s word from now through the beginning of next year…and it’s going to be great.

This past week we talked about God’s Creation and how everything was good – Then man sinned and everything started falling apart – But, God promises a remedy and redemption from the very beginning so that we may know the hope that comes to us in Jesus Christ.

In many ways …Chapter 3 of Genesis is the most important piece of info ever given to all of mankind…we miss that and everything else won’t make a lot of since to us.

Listed below is the video i told you about Sunday that most of you didn’t get a chance to watch.please take a moment to watch it again to grasp not only the reality of sin, but the enormous need we have for a savior!

That’s the “Good News” No matter where we’ve been or who we are through a personal relationship with the God of creation we may be saved. That’s a story i want to be a part of – don’t you? See you next week.  God Bless! 


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